Peering Policy


We do not have any prerequisites for peers regarding network size, minimum locations, etc. We only have the following requirements:

  1. IPv6: Your network must be fully capable of passing IPv6 traffic.
  2. PeeringDB: You must have a PeeringDB page that reflects the current state of your network.
  3. Common Locations: We must be able to peer at all common Internet Exchange Points. If you peer with route servers at these locations, we consider this requirement satisfied.
  4. Routing Security: You must have RPKI ROAs for all prefixes you announce. You also must not leak routes or advertise invalid routes.
  5. Settlement-free Peering: We will not peer with networks that require payment for peering; in turn, we do not require payment for peering. This does not include transit.
  6. Best-effort SLAs: As Aethernet is a hobbynet, we do not guarantee minimum uptime or performance. If there are problems and they are not resolved within 72 hours after you notice them, feel free to contact our NOC; details can be found on PeeringDB.
Interested? Shoot an email to [email protected]

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